Didnt want to get wet

Testing Stupid Idea to see if it would leak


Man making it work

His launch trolley

Nope. I want to stick to riding my scooter

He is  going to fall in

Too lumpy to go boating

They missed

Ive sailed through when there was holes in the water like that. Not very nice

He lied. He said the yellow thing on the fish was a sweet!

Ive just nicked dads new hammock!

Its really warm

I like this swing over the river.

I wanna go!

Dog sitting. Ive got Ghost and Rick has Heurve

Handbrake cable broke.

Hmm...Mosquito net on dads hammock

Another day at nannas

New sails


I need my real axe, but dad said not at parties

Waiting for mum

My tiller broke

Im shaping a new one

I want this to stop the rudder falling off the boat again

Its going to get shorter

I was right.