He doesnt know what Ive been doing

Mums got some too

Mums boyfriend

Dad just found out where the rest of my sweets went.

My sails in my trailer

and a bailing bottle

on a string

Im going to clip my anchor on so it doesnt get lost

Spare rope

My tarp that still hasnt become a cover. Been too busy

Bits of wetsuit to protect the deck on my boat

Forgot to paint this bit

I dont know who farted

Big brother looks guilty though

Maybe it was dad

Cleaning up my boat

My spreaders broke, so Im measuring to make another

Fixing the shroud back on

Ive been sick.

Jaffa and ham rolls at Nannas

I didnt know a king could move 7 squares

The porridge exploded. Dads fault!

Some insulation for Stupid Idea


Lets get Ice cream!

This numbercrunch is worth 3 if I can do it

Dad said go that way!