Tidying the end

Dad wont let me use the sanders in the kitchen

Bread knife!

It snowed so dad decided we should go biking.

Its slipery

Dad and Rick making xmas presents

Me testing it

Jigsaw of Poole harbour at xmas

Second xmas at Jons

Catching up on our diaries

It warmed up!

Just got back in again!

Doing my diary

Our diaries at home

Testing the trapeze on DaRiEd

Its raining so dad took us to Whitecliff and said he would meet us at Baiter.

It was windy so I built a kite out of a rope and a carrier bag

Party time again!

Practicing tacking

I told dad he burned dinner too much. Seems Im now the cook.

Its snowed again!

More biking

I borrowed dads hobo stove and lit it in my hut

Im making hot shocolate


Its made my hut all warm

Now practising with the front sail too

Time to go to Asdas for lunch. Dad got half way down the Holes Bay

road and stopped and told us to walk, so I took this on the way.

Hope my boat doesnt end up like that

I needed this!

Need some more pulleys