It fits

We just got more hugs from these!

Putting on the blocks

Fixing it on the lid

Looking at the mast support

Working out level

Cutting its bottom

Its sort of right

Other side

Setting the laser to point at the height of the car roof

The boards in the middle and here is where the bottom height can be and miss the roof

The mast support wasnt a success so it ended there.

Need some kit on a boat without a safety boat.

Need to know how to use the kit.

Waterproof bag

marine gps and vhf radio

Im not allowed to use the radio as Im not old enough

Set it on channel 16


Mayday, Mayday, this is Good Idea, I am at..

Read these numbers out

"I need assistance because..."

"This is Good Idea with however many people on board, Mayday, Mayday"

Have to speak clear and slow

If its not an emergency, someone will pull my head off for wasting their time.