Got to sew both sides of each join

Its been tying knots. Dad thinks it will still work, just look a bit of a mess.

Bobbin ran out.

Rethreading it

Sticking the pictures in our diaries. Need to stop doing so much

Chicken slice, primula cheese, jaffa cakes and raw jelly rolls in nannas gazebo

Decided I need a front sail, so I am making it in nannas lounge as ours is too untidy.

Moppy is trying to help

I am stopping the front rope from fraying by burning it

Looping my kicker up out of the way

Measuring the length of the spreaders I need

Drilling the collar I put on my mast to take them

Cutting them to length

Bolting them in

Done it

Tying them to the shrouds with cable ties

Trying it