The mast foot fits and the kicker is good too

Definitely need some battons though

Ow. Pinched my finger in the goose neck

Its nearly as big as the house

I can take it down now when I need to

The elastic rings hold the ropes when I pack up so they wont get knotted

Enough for today, I want to go out on my bike

Need to fix the chain first though

Found this helicopter

Dad was sailing towards the beach in the big boat and when he thought it was shallow enough, he jumped over the side, right up to his neck.

I am tipping my board until its set amounts out of the bottom of the boat

Then marking off the cm on the top of the board so I will know when its shallow enough I can jump off

A wedge to keep it where I want it.

Now I know the sail fits, Im sewing the seams

Its horrible trying to get all this through here