Putting on a pulley and a cleat

Testing it

I can tighten the front rope with this now.

Sail going up

Hitching its rope on

Pulling it tight with my foot

Pushing sideways to get the cleat to grab the rope

Need another thing now to hold my rope

Done it.

Tied the rope so it doesnt tangle me up

Putting on my thwart

Looking at my front sheet

Pully needs to be here so the rope points at the middle of the front edge of the sail

Screw doesnt want to go in

This is a big cleat.

Dont know why I need red one side and green the other but dad said I will in time.  Why wont he just tell me.

Thats the front sail roped up

I need another ring in my sail so Im hammering it in.

Getting ready to pull up my main

This is where I need to cleat it off