Making a tie for the top of my mast

Microfibring it on

Microfibring this on too.

Someone said that if the bottles I put in the boat get warm, they will explode, so Im going to boil one to see.

It wont stay down in the water, so more duct tape


Now for boiling water

No bang yet.

No bang at all. Boring.

Priming my decks

Covering it because its raining

Taking off the table leg I used to hold the old mast in the right place

Smoothing it ready for painting

Dad says no sucking up water!

Er...all dads little brushes have disapeared while I was microfibring my mast, so I could only find this one.

Went to Hamworthy park and saw this. They forgot to paint it.

Taking my screws out again

countersinking them

making mast foot positions

Thinking about more buoyancy if I tip it over again