Just got home from school and found the slot has been cut in the back of my mast and this old tarp put in it.


I like!

Need a proper sail though

Its been tied on.

I like my slot though!

Need a foot for it now, so Ive pulled this off dads windsurf board.

Pumping out the water

Looking for bits for my rigging

Cutting the end off my boom

Priming my mast

Wassnt me that painted dads screwdriver - again!

Top coat makes it look like its carbon fibre

Er dads just sussed Ive nicked his new tin of paint and his new brushes

More bottles for the big boat.

Im pulling out this windsurf board I chopped up and stuck in the front tank last year

Nearly painted.

I need a U shape bit

Marking where I want to cut it

Dads yelling that he thinks Im going to cut up his bench.

It fits. Sort of.

Need the paint off the mast

Im using some microfibres to seal the join on my side decks