Its taking me years to paint this. Should have made a smaller boat.

This bit will rub on my legs so it needs a good paint

Doing the bits under the deck.

Checking my mast is upright.

Looking at how Im going to fix on my boom.

Measuring the length of my front rope so I know how big my sail needs to be.

The tape keeps bending

Dad knew how to tape the tape on so it doesnt fall off. Could have told me earlier!

Looking how big I want my spreaders

My brother left this wood here, so its mine.

Im clamping a clamp to a clamp so I can get an upright

Im clamping the bit across teh middle to it.

Need to know how much the deck bends by.

Im using a block and a pencil to mark the line

Need longer arms.

I took it off and cut it out

Need to make the edge thicker.

Im pasting resin onto the se lengths of glass tape

Its still a bit messy under my deck

end of my boom

Other end.

Wetted out tape

Getting ready to bend this on.