Need the right amount of this stuff to make it go hard. Dont want to have to scrape a ld off like dad did ;)

Mixing it

Putting the pipe over the wetted cloth

More cloth and more resin

Needs to go all the way round.

Its cold so Im helping it.

Rick just put a jocky wheel on my trailer for me! Like him again!

Hot chocolate and marshmallows in the pub! Lovely!

Its set so Im cutting off the ties

Sawing along the cloth holding the pipe

This is hard to do.

Er...It fell out

Its not strong enough.

Needs to be a lot stronger.

Found some bleach to wah out the mould in my boat

The boats half full of water

Adding a bit more water then the bleach

Scrubbing it in a bit.

Mr Thumwood sent me this box of bits!

I got the first layers of cloth on my pvc pipe and on my mast and got the rings on for the rigging then put it in a long plastic bag