My mast is ok as I kept it in the lounge for the winter.

Dad sank the big boat again, so I am filling it with bottles so it wont sink again - even if he does forget the bungs again

Using the old panel as a pattern to mark out the new ones.

I want to know how heavy my boat is.

Weighing an end at a time.

Its length

Board depth


Im getting stronger!

Mast weight

Need to make a slot in my mast so I can use proper pull up sails.

I found this on a scaffolding tower, sa I am going to use it as a boom

Need it high enough that it doesnt try to beat my head off.

Practicing tacking under it

Looking at where my rigging needs to go

I want spreadders to make the rig stiffer.

Having a test, so Im duct taping this bit so I can get it apart after.

Teeth make good scissors.

Plastic bag to stop it sticking, then cable tying on glass cloth

Mixing resin