The water is lumpy here!

Some of the waves are coming over my bow. Its not getting in the boat though.

Im still winning

The waves are still getting bigger

Another day!

This time I am in the English Channel!

The wind has all gone. Need to get past the ferry without getting squashed.

There was just enough to pull us past before it went across.

Had to leave it as it got too cold and too windy

Discovered my boat has started to rot over the winter.

Need to make a cover.

Also need to fix the rot.

Ive got the screws out, now Im pulling off the panels.

Mouldy on the inside.

Hammering the resin out of the screws with dads electrical screwdrivers

This one is mouldy too.

Found these in the kitchen.

Been rubbing down some of the biggest lumps as it needs paint to stop the fibreglass rotting.