It was cold so I put my mast int he kitchen for the night to set.

Dad said - "But it stinks!"

It set overnight, so now I need to coat it again with microfibres

They have set

Trying to get the clamps off

Unwrapping it again

Cutting the cable ties

I held each strip holding the rings on with rubber bands while it set, They are still in the layers of glass.

The new microfibres are the white stuff between the pipe and the mast.

Its a bit lumpy in places.

I think its going to be ok.

I dont think I got enough resin on the white bits of glass. Thats why it didnt go transparent.

It rained on my rudder after I resined it.

Its nice and straight.

Another layer - resin


Mixing tem together

Syringing them on

Hmmm... Pipes here might let out all the water next time it sinks.

Big hole

The other one

They fit!