Dad grumbled all the way to B and Q when I ran out of wood again

Big Idea did the driving, I did the sightseeing

I am shaving the bottom of the front until its flat

I am flattening it until its smooth like the palm of my hand so I can fix them together

I used microfibres in fibreglass resin and now Im screwing them together as they are too short

Now its glued, screwed and clamped, I have to wait ages for it to get hard

Now its gone hard, I am fibreglassing it to the centreboard slot

I am waterproofing this as I made too much resin and dont want to waste it.

I taped the hog to the panels as well.

I will have to put more resin on it to make sure it doesnt leak.


I think I should have cut these to the right width before I fibreglassed them on

Dad always blames me, so its my turn

It was dads fault!

I am going to bend it until the front is the right shape

I put some clamps on to wrap stretchy rope around and used the jigsaw on the middle until it bent nearly all the way then left it for a couple of days so it could get used to it.

I had to cut a lot off the middle

Dad said "OI - Whats that doing in the kitchen?!"

I told him it was crying outside because it thought it was going to rain.

Dad wandered off muttering "but its a boat"

Now the nose is bent, I am taping the joint.

Its got to stop the water going in.

I am taping right up to the centreboard slot.