The Chines

Im fibreglassing the first of the chines with microfibres to join them together.

I use the talcum powder to stop my hands sticking to things when they get covered in resin. You arnt supposed to get resin on your skin.

I am clamping it together so it wont fall off while it dries.

Its gone wrong!

The chines wont fit properly. I cut them the right width, but they wont go around the front properly and sit on the sides flat.

Dad said it was my fault for not measuring it properly.

I dont know what went wrrong - so it was Dads fault.

Dad said that if its his fault, he wont take us to Mc donalds

so we will let dad think its not his fault!

I had a really good look at our Osprey.

They looked straight on there.

I made a new wide one to try it.

It was better but still not right

I drew round the bits and took it apart.

I cut next to the line all the way up to where they go next to each other and then I cut on it.

I cut the bent bit out of one of the deck pieces.

Dad will grumble about getting more wood again when he finds out

The bottom was bending so I screwed a piece of timber along it to keep it flat while I got the side on.

I drilled little holes with the little drill

I put little cable ties through the holes to hold it on

These are really difficult to get on

Dad said I needed to bend this piece I cut off the side strips to see how strong the joints I made were.

When it broke it hit me on the head.

I dont like dad today because he thought it was funny.

I put it in the kitchen so it wouldnt get wet when it rained

dad said

Oi! Whats that doing back in here!

He grumbled all night as it covered up the cupboard with the cups in it and the sink when he wanted coffee

Im putting these on the other side

Thats two done on each side

One more to go!


Doesnt fit

Dads fault !

Fixed it with the jigsaw and put in some screws

Im thinking about how Im going to be faster than Dad

Shouldnt have told dad it was his fault.

Trying to hold this in place with my head while I get the cable ties in.....

Its on!