It all smoothed itself out while we were at school...


He did it with the grinder.

Taping it up with Rick

I painted it with resin and they microfibred it and I taped it

It wasnt good as Im too short and couldnt lean on the sides

Its dry

I get to take the tape off

This boat is heavy but Im strong!

Ohh Dear..Its moved. Dads fault!

This ends good

Wonder if we can swap the bad one with Danny and Paul

Im getting ready to cut up blocks

Rick got to do it, not meee

I know what dads been doing...

Setting up the blocks

So Im going sailing


My mum - Happy!

Dads lost another paintbrush

I wetted it and filled the holes after dad ground it, Ricks taping it

Here is the second one done on the inside

Ive painted the bottom

So we went to the Winston Cafe on our bikes.

Dad got left behind.

Replacing the roof on  the gazebo

Unfolding it

Placing it on there

They are not going to get wet now.