Paul and Danny have already got their rubrails half on and we havent started.

They got to start first as we had to go to school. We are months behind.

Its holiday now though...

Rick and I are going to build ours at the same time. That way we can share resin and do both.

We have been to the cafe and had breakfast, so we got dad to throw our wood back out of the window, and now Im marking out for our butt joints.

Danny and Paul needed to get theirs to break in the middle to go in the lift, but we dont need that so it will be quicker.

Rick doing some

Im mixing up resin

Painting the joints

Painting the outer edge

Ricks painting the block with microfibres

Im placing the block onto the joints

Screwing it in

Filleting the edge with microfibres

Its lots of wood because we are stacking it on blocks as we do all the bits at the same time

Its a lot of wood to pile on

Nearly done all our joints. Danny and Pauls is on the roof of the car

School time again, but Im making sure it dried properly

Its done!