Starting on my new hammock

Sewing it


Cooking soup

It keeps going down wind and running onto the beach

Getting used to it

Going about

Got into trouble for only looking out the back

I like it with no boom to hit me

And the wind doesnt pitch pole it with my smaller sail

Dad thinks thats funny as he thinks my boat is slower than his now.

Spreader fell off again

Its a lot better with the center board down

But my rig is still wobbling.

I think my shrouds are stretchy

Trying to get the rudder to stay down.

Dad says I need more water under the boat.

Going to raie his rope box

Look what I found ! A nice new non stretch rope!

Er...I found it!

Its a lot better now!

Front sail is coming undone and is trying to tip over my boat

They are all eating all the pizza while Im out

Except dad. Hes making Hot chocolate

I am much happier with it now.

Forgotten how much wind.

I think it was hitting 15mph

Lego from dad for being so cool!

Glad I didnt need the lifeboat.

The start of my canoe


Mowing the grass for more money for my laptop.

Dad says mowing concrete doesnt count

Its windier today

Still turning away from the wind.

Difficult to get enough board down as I come off the beach to stop getting blown back on

Going out paddling for a while instead.

A bike day

Gazebo roof was leaking so dad said it was our fault so we have to fix it.

I didnt break it. Think dads just blaming us

Tops off!

I want to jump on the bin

New roof is on

My sister!

Met her in Mcdonalds with Mum

A bowler had at Jons

Airman Ed?

More pics for my diary

I made this spear nice and pointy, but it broke when it hit the mud.

Go kart time!

Tyres were flat.

I was riding down the zigzags. Rick decided he wanted a go and found

a shopping trolley so he didnt have to go get his bike.

He needed lots of plasters.

Dad fell over my bike "Once too often" so I had to put it away under

my hut instead of in the lounge.

Boat time!

I love my boat!

Hammock time!

I need a rest as dad got stuck in some mud and I had to help drag him out.

My brother wants to buy a tractor