Nearly time to go again!

Another day, another paddle

Its muddy today

Having trouble getting it to launch

Time to go


Was just going out when I saw my tyre has this lump

Wheel off

New tyre, fixed. Out in Wareham Forest

We couldnt find dad at first.

The next day, a school trip to the same bit of the forest

Need another hole in my sail

This puts the brass ring in so the hole doesnt get bigger

My new sail!

No boom

Getting Rick to tow me

Dads broke the pumps again

Knife is blunt. Dad teaching us how to sharpen them

One side then the other so to get rid of the burrs.

Cutting the top off my can

Punching holes around the top

Marking it to length

Chomping the top off

Cutting the bottom straight to the line

Cutting it straight is hard.

Crimping it with pliers

The sides are together and now Im rubbing off the sharp bits


Cottom wool, more meths

Its going

Heating my billy

Getting hot

Chocolate powder