Dragging it out so I have mroe space around it

Turning it round

Its on...

Just checking where I want the bars


I made this before my trailer broke. Now Im fixing it onto the bar

Boat fits on this well

Painting it

Putting it on

My bike had a puncture so I had to fix it. Dad suddenly lost his puncture kit.

I dont know where it went.

Im marking this to cut it to fit

I need a hole in the middle

Hmm...its too long


Ply on top and two ends

Cutting it all to size

Screwing it together

It fits!

Painting it


When I put this peanut butter, chocolate and winegum pizza..

It didnt look like that. DAAAAD!

Need to know how high the car is

I want to make a bracket so my mast misses the roof

Jaffa cake and chicken slice sandwich

My blocks to spread the weight of my boat

Fixing the ends on

And fixing the blocks to the lid