Hate cutting with this as it kicks when it cuts through

Dont like it. Not going any further with it.

Sailing a picco in Poole Park

Making a model to work out how to get the boat to work

Making the pastry for some pies

Cases done

Filling them

Mr Clean from Sailing Anarchy in America finally came to see me!

He liked my boat

He liked my pies too

He gave me this Sailing Anarchy jacket. Its a bit big!

Testing wind at 70 mph

Need to make a new stock as dad sawed chunks off my old one

Still havent found the rule

Clamping it together with microfibres

Need a bearing

I dont know how the holes got in the table. Woodworm, I think

Other side

Bolting it together. Blue one is off DaRiEd.

Some carpet tape to stop it slipping out