Waiting for Mr Clean from Sailing Anarchy to come visit

I cooked him a ham, pineapple and winegum pizza

He didnt arrive so I had to eat it.

Cleaning my deck joints

Microfibring my rudder again

Bagging it so it doesnt leak

Waiting for the microfibres to set

I think the silocone is in the right place

Dads new paint and brushes!

Wassnt me that did his screwdriver again!

Dad found the screwdriver so I got to cook dinner

Wheels in a frame for my launch trolley

Im duct taping it together while I work out what I want.

These people came to take pics of me for a dinghy magazine that I talked to at the London boat show.

The bearings will rot so Im hammering them out with dads nice new screwdriver

Measuring it

Making brackets

Lost the rule