Bolting it where I cant get the rivet in.

Bobble to stop it coming apart

Need a loop for the kick strap, but the holes arnt big enough for the rivets - yet

Riveting it on

This is the downhaul that fell off dads windsurf board

ooh! Mr Thumwood just sent me a goose neck.

Er....Its a bit late

Ive borrowed this hall from the Vicar and found this white stuff dad was saving for the big boat.

I am marking where I need to cut it

I need to get this right

Using a batton to get straight lines

Using string for the longer lines

Got to be careful not to move it when I move

Ive marked it out and measured it to make sure its right, now Im cutting it out

Bending the batton to make the curves

Using our excersise weights to keep the stuff flat

Chiocolate break

I need to join the panels, so Im using carpet tape

Its got to be done without wrinkles

Im holding it straight, hes pulling out the backing

Rolling the joint tight with a weight