Rudder, Centreboard, Mast, Sail and Rigging

I am painting the centreboard again.

I cant wait to try it

Building the rudder is hard

Its heavy and there are no strips of metal to make it stronger

Dad says it will work but I am not sure

There isnt any nice wood left, so I had to use an old piece for the tiller.

I want to try it, so I will make it nicer later.

I am going to use my windsurf mast and sail to test it.

I am screwing a little table leg to the step so the mast can sit on it and not fall off.

The mast fits and all the ropes are on


The sail cant turn round far enough because my boom is hitting the shroud.

I am going to borrow DaRiEds spinnaker pole.

Took it to Poole Park pond

Its better putting it together here. Nothings in the way.

Need these tight enough my mast doesnt fall off

Getting the rudder down

It works!

I love it!


Testing paddling it

My sailing teacher says he will help me get better!

Its the Osprey Nationals today. I was out with them!