Sealing the sides and making the Gunwales

The corners are less sharp now.

Its also a bit nicer.

Dad found out I have been mixing fibreglass with his favourite screwdriver

He is grumpy again

I am soooo pleased that it was dad who left the lid off the fibreglass resin tin and knocked it over and not me

The man in the shop said that the only way to get resin off is to wash it in acetone.

He also said you cant tip acetone in the washing machine or the bath.

Dad says he is going to throw his clothes away.

I think he will get very cold.

Time to fibreglass mat the bottom again.

I want it thick on here as it is going to get hit each time I crash and dont want to spend as much time fixing holes as with our big boat.

Its gone on much better this time

There are a few lumps but they will go when it gets sanded and if not it will help it grip the water better.

Time to do the chines again.

I have painted the side with resin and stretched the tape along it.

I am painting it again now

This is much better than the mat!

I can tape all the way round in one go.

If you lay the tape on and pull the top and bottom corners, it bends until it goes to the shape of the hull and doesnt leave any big gaps. I am overlapping the layers like you do bricks so it will be very strong.

I am coating the tape again to get rid of the little air bubbles

I am taping over the back of the centreboard slot to make sure the water doesnt flow inside. If it does its going to sink.

These are the little air bubbles that get under the tape.

If you scrub resin into it, they usually all get filled.

If they dont, they wont take in water anyway.

It has stopped raining again so I am starting to put my trapeeze standing edge on.

This has to be very strong so I coated the side of the boat and the strip with microfibres and clamped it on, then did the other side and another strip and clamped that over the top.

I had to stagger the joins as these arnt long enough and it really needs to be strong.

I also screwed them from inside the boat.

I will cut the end off later when its all nice and dry.

I have put the side tank sides in with clamps to see how much room will be there for me.

Cant wait to sail it!