Sealing the bottom

Ive got the tape on in here and painted the ply with resin

Putting the tape on this side now

Its going to rain and dad says its now too big to go in the kitchen

So we are going to build it a tent.

I am fibreglassing the nose

I need a strong bit to stand on when I get a trapeeze.

I am trying to bend this bit of wood but its not working

But thin wood will

This is a lot of strips I cut off the plywood boards

I am flattening the chines to make them the right shape

I am painting my side tanks and making the wood bend.

I am cleaning off all the bits after dad did the chines with the angle grinder.

Dad wont let me use the angle grinder as he says its dangerous.

They are a lot more flat now!

I am going to fibreglass the whole side in one go so it will be nice and waterproof.


Its not working!

Its gone wrong

I kept pushing it and it wouldnt go flat round the corners and it fell off.

Its got huge bubbles.

I dont think it will keep the water off.

Dads fault!

Took ages to scrape all the ruined stuff off the boat.

The man in the shop said the corners were probably too tight for the fibreglass mat to bend around. He said microfibres in the sharpest corners would help and how about using tape for the chines. He had some 10cm wide stuff.

I did the corners with microfibres.

I put them in with a syringe. You have to be very careful not to make lumps, so I didnt let dad near it.