First time in Harbour

Date 13/9/09  
Wind 14mph NE
Gusts 20
Temperature 20 deg C
Distance Sailed 1.64 Miles
Helm Ed
Too much wind and Gusts.

Sailed beautifully Caught out by gusts and capsized twice. Recovered both times on own.

Tanks still leaking a little and boat sits too low in water when swamped - 5cm polystyrene on floor?

Needs bailers.

Shrouds stretching. Needs spreaders and lower top mount to give better shroud angle.

Actually planed with spray coming over bow!

Ed nervous as wind was offshore.

All in all a very good test.


First run

Coming back

Ready to go again

Close hauled

Capsized from a distance, then enlarged below. Tanks hold boat level, and helm on centreboard righted it easily.

Too low in water so swam it back in - then went back for paddles - need to secure them